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Founded in 2008, Apparound is an Italian company based in Pisa, at the Cittadella dell’Innovazione in Montacchiello.

With our app we have digitised and revolutionised the experience of tens of thousands of sellers and customers. Our solution works on any device, even without an internet connection, and can be used by the seller together with the customer, to configure an offer in real time.

Apparound is a cloud-based mobile app that digitises content and sales processes. Developed to help companies improve sales productivity, Apparound simplifies the sales process by bringing together marketing content, offer configurators and more in a single solution.

The seller is guided through the sales cycle, through the app can present the right content in real time to customers (catalogs, presentations and videos directly on tablets and smartphones finally saying goodbye to paper), can create offers with the customer, adapting them to his needs, applying discounts or sending them by mail. And if the customer is satisfied with the offer, the seller can close the negotiation directly at the first meeting thanks to the digital signature of the contract.

The team

We are a young and close-knit team, composed of more than 90 people from different countries and speaking more than one language. We Apparounders love digital innovation and work together to offer companies, vendors and their customers an exciting new sales experience.

We have already revolutionized many businesses and are always looking for new talent. Imagine working with a company that allows you to grow professionally and feel part of an organization at the forefront of design and innovation. What are you waiting for?

Design and innovation have made us an Italian excellence and we are very proud of that! Our vision? We digitise sales!


Where we are

Apparound Italia s.r.l

Via Umberto Forti, 1 Montacchiello 56121
Pisa (PI), Italy
Phone: (+39) 050 775 849

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